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February 2015

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Add the GMAC Annual Conference to Your Calendar: June 24-26

The power of connecting talent and aspiration with opportunity is strongly felt at all GMAC professional development events.

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“Every session I attended this time provided at least some new, very useful information and some thought provoking insights. The networking times always make this conference worthwhile, but this time there were enough gems in the sessions for me to say the sessions were even more useful than the networking breaks.”

– GMAC Conference Participant 

Attend the Premier Meeting for Professionals in Graduate Management Education: Sign Up for the 2015 GMAC Annual Conference

Welcome to the ConferenceThe GMAC Annual Conference is the only event of its kind designed specifically for graduate management admissions professionals. GMAC invites you to attend our 2015 Annual Conference on June 24 to 26 in Denver, Colorado, our largest gathering of school professionals (we expect more than 600 admissions, marketing, and program direction professionals) from graduate management education programs around the world to explore new trends, topics, and best practices. 

The conference is a perfect venue to dive into discussion around messaging, strategy, and professional development. A few examples of sessions featuring these topics include: 

  • Innovating Admissions Requirements: New Ways of Interacting with Candidates to Improve Selectivity and School Fit 
  • Managing Millennials in the Admissions Office 
  • Social Media Content – Building an Effective Story 
  • Building a Distinct and Unique School Culture as an MBA Differentiator 
  • Understanding and Adapting your Communication and Behavioral Style for Success 
  • LinkedIn Education - Reaching Your Target Audience 

Check out the agenda and register today to attend the 2015 Annual Conference.