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December 2015

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Target Your Recruiting Using New 2015 Profiles of GMAT™ Testing Year Data

Combined candidate profiles and student mobility and score-sending trends reveal the programs and world locations prospective students are targeting for enrollment—use the data to build your own candidate profiles for marketing and recruitment.

Profiles of GMAT Test Takers

GMAC’s 2015 Profiles of GMAT Testing are a set of  three Data-to-Go briefs that integrate candidate demographic data—GMAT testing volume, test-taker performance, and candidate age, gender, citizenship, and residence—with student mobility and GMAT score-sending data.  The three-part Data-to-Go series summarizes five year global GMAT exam trends for testing years 2011 through 2015.

Separate reports include:

Integrate Profile Data with Other GMAC Admissions Recruiting Resources

You can use the data in the Profile tables to create candidate profiles for specific country and regional groups that show, for example, how many citizens or residents of Germany sat for the GMAT exam in 2015, their gender, mean age and GMAT Total score, percentage of score reports sent to MBA and non-MBA (master’s) programs, and what share of the total GMAT testing they represent in Europe and globally.

Let the data inform your purchases prospective students names in the Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) database or use the data to develop profiles of the decision-making process for your targeted group of candidates based on findings in the 2015 Prospective Students Survey Interactive Report.

The three Profile Data-to-Go reports are publicly available and can be downloaded by visiting our website at or