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September 2014

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Wanted: The Best of the Best

Research Feature

Excerpts below are from an article titled Wanted: Best of the Best by Gregg Schoenfeld that first appeared on page 24 in the July/August 2014 edition of Britain in Hong Kong, the official magazine of The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, published by Ninehills Media Ltd. For more information on the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong please visit

MBAs are increasingly in demand in Asia-Pacific, so much so, that 13% more recruiters say that they expect to hire students this year than did in 2013. When asked why they hire business-school talent, many APAC employers responded that these students consistently arrive on the job with a keen understanding of the marketplace, “[a] strategic business mind set.” Further, many APAC employer respondents noted that, in their view, these candidates “tend to be self-motivated.” In their search for talent, companies in APAC make heavy use of employee referrals (94%), online job boards (92%), recruitment agencies (83%) and of the applicants that apply directly from their company website (87%).

Meanwhile, more than one-third of employers in the APAC region intend to visit more business-school campuses this year, compared to the number that visited business schools in 2013. Competition for talent may be heating up as demand for graduate business students expands. With employers going to more campuses, those that do not have the time or re-sources may need to innovate their recruiting practices, including the use of virtual cam-pus visits. Building relationships between schools and companies is an investment today that is likely to yield high returns on talent tomorrow.

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