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September 2014

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Business Education Jam: Engaging a New Generation of Business Students

Join the conversation with GMAC’s Sangeet Chowfla at the Business Education Jam: September 30-October 2, 2014.

Business Education Jam

As reported last month in Graduate Management News, the Boston University School of Management, in collaboration with IBM and other premier sponsors, including GMAC, is bringing together a global audience to spark dialogue, share ideas, and explore the future of business education.

SangeetBe sure to join GMAC President and CEO Sangeet Chowfla at the Business Education Jam for a conversation about engaging a new generation of students and how industry and business education plans to tap the unlimited potential of millennials (Forum 3 on the agenda). How will industry attract the brightest employees and graduates to management professions? How will schools educate the millennials? How will industry cultivate and retain them? These are some of the questions the forum promises to address.

Chowfla will kick off his contribution to the discussion on Sept. 30 at 10:00 am EST, when he will join the BU JAM from South Africa, where he is meeting with the deans of several African business schools. Then, he’ll check back and continue to participate in the forum from two other continents – once during a layover in London, and then again when he arrives back in the US. Said Chowfla, “I’m very much looking forward to the BU JAM, to the overall topic of the future of management education, and to the dialog around engaging students and employees. I’m actually quite excited about my participation being a genuine demonstration of the global nature of management education, as I move from Africa to the UK and then home to the US. It’s going to be fun.”

Something for Everyone

Engaging the New Generation Check out the more than 75 VIP experts and thought leaders who will be joining the Jam and explore the many selected books, articles, and news items related to the event. The Jam brings together the unique perspectives of schools, business leaders, millennials, and HR professionals, as Kenneth Freeman, dean of the Boston University School of Management, describes in the videos linked below.

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