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October 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Benchmarking for the Admissions & Recruiting Office

With the release of GMAC’s 2014 Application Trends Survey results, we wanted to share highlights from the session about ways users leverage data to make comparisons in “Benchmarking: Best Practices for Using Data” at the 2014 GMAC Annual Conference.

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What data do you routinely call upon for decision-making in admissions and recruiting?

You may be: monitoring overall applications in year-to-year trends , tracking data for your school’s target populations  focusing on metrics for your school or program’s outreach and influence.

Taking these data points one step further, to what extent are you benchmarking data for your school or program? GMAC research surveys provide schools with an opportunity to understand how other schools’ views may compare to one’s own. These findings can set the basis for strategic positioning, and what key questions or needs should be addressed for improvement.

In this Annual Conference session, Jay Bryant shared his thoughts on what it’s like to explore all the valuable data and insights provided by GMAC interactive benchmark tools that let you create and customize peer group comparisons. The video clip below illustrates what it’s like to navigate GMAC’s Application Trends Survey and data tools, why data may need to be available in different formats, and what comparison points may be useful. 

Note: Jay is now Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions at the University of California at San Diego Rady School of Management. Previously, he was the Director of Admissions and Student Affairs at Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

Participate in Surveys for Exclusive Access 

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it,” noted Lord Kelvin, best known for thermodynamics research and the temperature scale named after him. 

If your MBA or specialized master’s programs have not participated in a GMAC survey in the past, now’s the time to reconsider and register to take advantage of our unique data reporting to inform your program decisions. Imagine the advantages to be gained if you could: 

  • Compare an exit survey of your students (by program type) to an exit survey of students at peer schools 
  • Discover how corporate recruiters perceive your graduates vs. graduates of other schools 
  • Measure your success at recruiting hard-to-attract talent

These advantages include results for up to five different peer groups of your choosing, multiple data export options with the same, trusted and confidential data you’ve come to expect from GMAC. To get more information, please send an email to