Graduate Management News

November 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Worth Repeating

  • Making the Most of the Hiring Process (EFMD Global Focus, October 1, 2014). Because employers find internships such an effective recruiting strategy, business schools should urge students to view them as extended job interviews. This article, by GMAC’s Michelle Sparkman Renz and EFMD’s Christophe Lejeune, features takeaways from the 2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey. 
  • Application Trends 2014: Who’s Coming to Campus. In case you missed this recent GMAC webinar, which offers an annual look at the latest Application Trends Survey results, now you can watch the event recording. Get answers to questions about MBA vs. Master’s programs and the state of graduate managemente applications.  
  • Applicants and MBA Programs in 2014: GMAC Interview (, November 3, 2014). Exploring the trends behind recently released data, GMAC’s Michelle Sparkman-Renz discusses declining one-year MBA program applications, MBA internships, and women in business school. GMAC’s 2014 Application Trends Survey and Corporate Recruiters Survey are cited.
  • Masters of Startup (Inc. magazine, November 1, 2014). For more and more aspiring entrepreneurs, getting an MBA is the first stop on the road to launching a company, according to new data from the entrepreneurship program at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Accompanying charts come from GMAC’s 2014 Alumni Perspectives Survey.