Graduate Management News

May 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool

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Integrated Reasoning Prep

Schools and students told us they wanted and needed a tool to prepare and practice for the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of the GMAT exam. We listened, got to work, and recently launched the Official GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool, a set of 48 never-before-seen items and answer explanations from the IR section of the GMAT exam. This tool offers users access to a powerful web-based resource to prepare for the only standardized test designed expressly for graduate business and management programs worldwide.

The Official GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool is priced at US$19.99 and is available at Purchasers will have access to the web-based tool for six months for unlimited practice sessions, and the option of purchasing an additional three months for US$9.99. Users may customize question sets by difficulty and type of question—easy to hard or random—and may choose exam or study modes, with options to track time and pacing.