Graduate Management News

March 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

PD to GO

If you have ever been to a GMAC conference, you have possibly heard me say that we take feedback very seriously.

It’s true, but how do you know? If you’ve served on a conference committee or as a faculty member at our Admissions Institute for New Professionals (AINP) program – you know. If you worked on a session as a presenter, you probably know. And, if you even attended a conference and thought “I suggested they change this from last year…and they did!” you have likely guessed.

This year, our fabulous 2014 Leadership Conference attendees set a record for feedback; 77 percent of the attendees responded to our post-conference evaluation – the highest percentage since the evaluation went online more than five years ago. The ratings and comments were invaluable – they will help us shape the next year’s Leadership Conference, which will take place in Los Angeles, CA, USA from Jan. 20-23, 2015.

I hope that the 2014 evaluation can serve not as an end of a conversation, but a beginning. I’d love to share with you the feedback you provided. Below is an infographic created by some of my (very talented!) colleagues at GMAC that gives a sneak peak at what you told us. Want more info? Feel free to write me at and I’ll be happy to share a short, three-page summary of all the responses. I’d love for you to hear more so that you can help continue the conversation and craft next year’s event in a way that is meaningful for you.