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December 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

GMAC Research Highlights 2014: A Look Back

Join us for a complimentary webinar on January 14, 2015 to re-cap our discoveries in 2014 and learn what you can expect to see in 2015 (we have no crystal ball, but we do have employer hiring forecasts, application trends and GMAT volume to help us make projections).


The context for this session continues a few themes featured in last year’s discussion showing graduate management education trends in the big, global, diverse framework for business schools. In addition, shifting conversations from the student’s side remain relevant, including data for how MOOCs and online programs are perceived today by prospects, as well as views about the value of the MBA. 

Register to be among the first to hear our take on what’s notable in emerging topics in graduate management education. Highlights in 2014 to be featured include the market growth reported in applications by two-year MBA programs, how students plan to pay for MBA and master's study, and latest hiring estimates for b-school talent in 2015, plus insights into the following questions: 

  • What feedback does the class of 2014 have about their business education? 
  • How can b-school alumni assist the admissions and recruiting efforts? 
  • What new insights does GMAC have about today’s prospective students? 

In case you missed previous GMAC webinars in 2014, check out the Application Trends 2014: Who’s Coming to Campus and Are you Reinforcing Admissions and Brand with Alumni? 

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