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August 2014

The Newsletter of the Graduate Management Admission Council

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Guest columnists (graduate management professionals) address issues that are relevant to all graduate management professionals –globally or regionally. Do you have a social media success story you’d like to share? Are you leveraging a software tool that’s enabling you to do your job better? Have you read an inspiring book that relates to your professional life? Would you like to review a great conference you just attended? Share these insights with your peers. All columns will run with an accompanying photo of you and a link back to your program’s website. 

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Graduate management professionals are sharing their tips and insights in Graduate Management News. For example: 

Learn how the book Quiet by Susan Cain will help you gain insights into your less talkative candidates. Read Penn State’s Stacey Dorang Peeler’s review. 

Robert Chabot

Hear from Robert Chabot of Ohio State on how LinkedIn makes engaging with alumni easier than ever. 

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