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April 2014

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PD to GO: 2014 GMAC’s Annual Conference

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2014 GMAC Leadership Conference

We are in full planning mode – getting ready for our upcoming Annual Conference in June. For those who were there last year, the 2013 Annual Conference “felt” like a success – and thanks to the conference evaluation, we actually have the numbers to prove it. 

With a 59% response rate, the 2013 Annual Conference was rated excellent (3.8/5.0) by respondents from 17 countries in numbers proportional to regional attendance at the conference. (The 3.8 was an increase from 2012’s 3.6 overall.) 

More important than the numbers, however, are your comments. You requested some changes, and we’ve responded. Below are just some of the changes we’ve made for 2014 based on the 2013 evaluations:

  • More concurrent sessions: A key driver of overall quality in 2013 (as it has been since 2006) is attendees’ overall impressions of concurrent sessions. In 2013, the conference featured 35 concurrent sessions, which received ratings ranging from a high of 4.4 (excellent) to a low of 2.7 (good). We received a great deal of comments which indicated that you wanted more choices and more sessions; many of you indicated that four time frames did not allow you to explore all the topics you wanted to.

    CHANGE IN 2014:
    We have added a fifth time frame to feature three sets of concurrent sessions on the conference’s first full day and two sets of concurrent sessions on the second day. 

  • Rescheduling of closing keynote: Last year, the overall impression of the keynotes was 3.8/5.0. Many of you commented that it was a shame that so many people had to leave the conference early and missed the closing keynote. (It seems that no matter what time you end a conference, there are always people that scoot out early!)

    CHANGE IN 2014:
    We have moved the closing keynote to breakfast on Saturday, June 14. Hopefully, most of you will plan to stay following the breakfast keynote to attend two more concurrent sessions and enjoy a closing networking lunch. But if you can’t, at least you won’t miss the keynote speaker. 

Registrants should look for more exciting changes and opportunities to get involved in the weeks to come! 

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