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September 2013

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  • GMAC's Alumni Perspectives Survey data can drive your decision making by tapping into feedback on skills assessments and gaps, acceptance in the job market, and overall job satisfaction. Use this survey to glean insights from your alumni that help to evaluate and enhance your program and the value of the degree in their career.

  • Sign up by September 30 to facilitate the survey for your school’s alumni; participating schools receive exclusive reports.

Engage Alumni to Strengthen Your Future

Alumni are a powerful force in building a business school’s brand – they recommend your program to prospects, connect students to jobs via employee referrals, and build your school’s legacy.

For that reason, the importance of obtaining alumni insights goes beyond the wants of alumni relations offices – it becomes critical to the effectiveness of teams in development and institutional giving roles, employer relations and career services, marketing/communications, and admissions/student recruiting offices on business school campuses.

The new methodology of the GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey offers data that can be applied to strategies for staying engaged with MBA and graduate business programs alumni. The information offers collective feedback from business school alumni about career and salary progression, as well as drivers of school engagement including the likelihood to recommend their program to others and preferences in receiving communications.

Having the right conversation with alumni and being prepared to talk about trends beyond one’s own school community is vital.

Findings from past alumni perspectives surveys are featured on the GMAC News Center to help school professionals add context in school media outreach and marketing efforts. Currently, topics featured include:

  1. Value of the MBA - the personal, professional, and financial returns MBA alumni have reported

  2. How alumni are using ‘big data’ on the job

  3. Entrepreneurial success of business school grads

“GMAC reports are tools we often use to inform our marketing decisions. Whether to benchmark against our own primary research or to provide insights about emerging trends, I appreciate that there is a portfolio of research I can quickly access,” said Deb Lantz, executive director of marketing and communications for the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. 

“Many of our marketing programs are cycle-responsive. There is seasonality to recruiting, and the marketing investment has to be an informed one in order to ensure each cycle is successful. Whether it’s specific stats related to alumni attitudes or prospects’ consideration criteria, the data that GMAC can provide is a relevant resource,” adds Lantz.

Alumni perspectives graphicWhat Do Your Alumni Want?

Previous GMAC research shows that alumni from graduating classes 2000-2012 are interested in learning more about or becoming more involved with their graduating institutions in recruiting activities to attract new hires for their companies, as well as in career services, networking events, and social networking activities. Map to the left shows differences by school location.

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