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February 2013

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ReflectTM Competencies

Innovation, Operational Thinking, Decision Making, Strategic Vision, Strategic Self-Awareness, Resilience, Drive, Interpersonal Intuition, Valuing Others and Collaboration

Benefits to Schools

  • The self-guided design can be used without a facilitator to help relieve some of the pressure on scarce resources.
  • Benchmark your students against other graduate business programs or in the business world so you can develop leadership training programs that fit their needs.
  • Guide your students’ educational and leadership development, support in-program teambuilding, and strengthen your career services activities.
  • Help students and program graduates stand out to potential employers by being more insightful about their professional and personal strengths and how to develop and apply them.
  • Keep track of student activity in the program and their overall progress in the program.

For more details, visit the ReflectTM website. 

Strengthen Your Career Services and Improve Students' Career Prospects in Less Than an Hour

New Reflect tool maps soft skills, provides action plan and speaks the language of business

School professionals are looking for new ways to develop soft skills for graduate management students and create teams and cohort groups to maximize individual leadership skills. Soft skills—personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects—are gaining ground as must-have skills in the workplace, but can be difficult to assess and develop. Identifying hard skills like reasoning, math, analytical ability and writing is easier with tools like the GMAT exam, but capturing a panoramic view of an individual’s capabilities for development, soft skills needs to be part of the picture.

GMAC created a better way to identify—and develop—an individual’s soft skills for prospective careers, professional advancement and personal growth. The Reflect product is a new, online assessment and development tool that measures soft skills and helps schools better assist students with career and personal development. The tool also helps students understand and advance their professional behaviors to become better individuals, team members and candidates for recruitment.

“We’re excited to launch our newest product in an area where schools and students have been looking for additional tools, support, and resources.” said GMAC’s Vice President of Product Development Andrew Martelli.

Undoubtedly, we’ve all worked with colleagues that have amazing technical skills, but seem to fall short in areas like teamwork, drive and valuing others. This web-based tool, built by GMAC and powered by Hogan Assessments, evaluates an individual’s interpersonal skills including their strengths and development areas by measuring how an individual approaches work, interacts with others, and how they respond to stress.

Using the tool is easy and once an individual completes the self-guided assessment, they receive a customized online report that provides numerical rankings for 10 different competencies such as innovation, resilience, respect, and strategic self-awareness (see sidebar). The competencies were identified by 800 corporate recruiters and more than 30 graduate business schools as being key areas that matter in the classroom and workplace

More than just an assessment, the Reflect tool goes beyond results to produce individualized, self-directed action plans to help students approach projects, process information and work alongside others. Schools can benchmark their students against a pool of more than 50,000 individuals across 14 business professions. Users can flag and save learning resources for various competencies over a three-year period.

“Recruiters are looking for students with strong leadership skills and an understanding of how to work effectively with others. The Reflect tool provides the insight and development tools to aid students and schools,” said Martelli.

Only with a combination of hard and soft skills can individuals realize their true potential as tomorrow’s leaders. Schools already give students an education advantage and now they can give them the Reflect advantage to help them develop the interpersonal skills so vital to success.

To learn more about the Reflect tool, including ordering and pricing information, visit or email


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