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December 2013

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Survey Participation for 2014 Job Market Insights

Where will the jobs be for your 2014 graduating class? How "job ready" do your soon-to-be-graduates really feel as they prepare to test their skills in the marketplace? 

These are two critical student outcomes that spell success for your graduate management programs. A simple way to gauge how well you're helping your school’s graduates achieve their career objectives is available through GMAC’s annual job market surveys.

Register today to be a partner with GMAC and hundreds of other schools in our upcoming 2014 Corporate Recruiters & Global Graduate surveys (Hurry! The deadline is Jan. 31, 2014). As a participating school, you’ll receive actionable data and personalized benchmark reports. And, by participating, you help ensure that business school educators gain the market intelligence you and colleagues need to keep up with changing workforce and student needs.

Both Sides of Hiring graphic

These research studies offer a multitude of benefits to varied professionals at business schools, including:

  • Career Services/Employer Relations Staff: Guide students in their job search and careers decision using robust job search information and employer hiring and salary projections.
  • Deans/Faculty Members: Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities, soft-skills and traits students felt aided them and employers seek in business school graduates.
  • Admissions/Marketing Roles: Enhance outreach efforts with data that demonstrates the value of management degrees in the job market, including what value students place on their education and the specific skills and salaries employers expect to offer business school graduates.

Participation is Easy

There are two ways schools can choose to participate in both surveys: (option 1) GMAC takes care of all the work to email/remind survey audiences, or (option 2) your school sends the invitations and reminders directly to your sample on the dates specified. Detailed instructions are available in the Related Resources links for both surveys. Please read the GMAC Survey Participant Privacy and Confidentiality Statement for information about how we keep your data safe.

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