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August 2013

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  • Coincidentally, according to, Bain & Co. is one of the most difficult companies to interview for AND the only company to not receive negative experience comments from the survey respondents. Read the full story.

NEW! Worth Repeating: Bain May Use GMAT Integrated Reasoning Test to Help Screen MBA Hires

Bain & Co., one of the most coveted MBA employers, may soon use scores on the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning section to screen applicants for consulting jobs—and it likely won’t be the last employer to do so.

About a year ago, the GMAT exam underwent the most radical overhaul in its 60-year history with the addition of a new Integrated Reasoning section, which tests applicants’ ability to use multiple sources of data to answer complex questions. With business schools working to incorporate the new scores into the admission process, at least one big MBA employer is considering using them for a different purpose entirely: evaluating job applicants.

Read the entire story from Business Week.

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