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August 2013

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Business Schools Can 'Disrupt or Be Disrupted'

GMAC has assembled leading academics and global thinkers to address the future of graduate management education in the release of its first book, Disrupt or Be Disrupted: A Blueprint for Change in Management Education. The authors are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and by and large, they challenge business schools to do the same.

The book explores why schools need to shake off their compliancy and leverage their unique strengths to create new business school models and practices to enhance and ensure their value, and relevancy to meet the new demands of management education.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted addresses the problem of the changing education marketplace - for-profit, not-for-profit, online education, MOOCs, part-time study, executive education, lifelong learning, and student expectations - are all shaking up and reshaping what we define as education. Management education is being affected as much, if not more than other disciplines. The role that technology and data plays in business and management is driving change at unprecedented speed. This book is about exploring that change and offering substantive strategies for schools, whose very futures depend on how they react to these changes and how they serve the students – and businesses – who are demanding change.

Anyone in a position of leadership in the world of management education—indeed, anyone with any interest in the subject—needs to read this book. The GMAC sponsored book, written by some of the leading figures in the field, offers a retrospective on how we got here and more importantly a survival handbook for the turbulent future ahead.

- Professor Eric Cornuel, CEO and Director General, EFMD

Disrupt or Be Disrupted book cover

This must-read contains contributions from leading academics and thinkers such as Harvard Business School Professor Rakesh Khurana and Former INSEAD Dean Dipak Jain on how to re-imagine curriculum content and delivery, student engagement, faculty development, and more.

“We commissioned this book to bring together an accomplished roster of contributors to spark and then lead the discussion and provide new insights and new ideas,” GMAC President and CEO Dave Wilson said in a statement. “We hope that this will be an important contribution to the debate at a crucial time in the history of business education."

 Book Overview

  • Introduction: The Change Imperative
  • Chapter 1: Ensuring and Enhancing Future Value
  • Chapter 2: Framing and Making Strategic Choices
  • Chapter 3: Managing Aspirations, Resources, and Cost Structures
  • Chapter 4: Intellectual Signatures: Impact on Relevance and Doctoral Program
  • Chapter 5: Curriculum Matters: Toward a More Holistic Graduate Management Education
  • Chapter 6: Overlooked and Unappreciated: What Research Tells Us About How Teaching Must Change
  • Chapter 7: Student Engagement: Selection, Management, and Outcomes
  • Chapter 8: Reclaiming Quality in Graduate Management Education

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