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November 2012

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A media release on GMAT volume is available on the GMAC News Center.
Data on GMAT volume trends are available on

  • The Profile of GMAT Candidates, 2008-2012, featuring five-year trends in test taking by age, gender, citizenship, residence, and other demographics, is available to the public.
  • The GMAT Trends Tracker interactive tool (using Adobe Flash), tracking student mobility trends, is available exclusively to schools that use the GMAT exam.
  • The GMAT Interactive Profile, which allows you to create customized reports, is available exclusively to schools that use the GMAT exam.

Data to Go: Record GMAT Volume

GMAT testing and score sending hit record highs last year as a total of 286,529 GMAT exams were taken, with 831,337 score reports sent to graduate business and management programs around the world.

GMAT exam volume for the 2012 testing year (July 1, 2011, to June 30, 2012) was up 11 percent from the 2011 testing year, and 8 percent higher than the previous record of 265,613 in 2009, according to the Profile of Graduate Management Admission Test Candidates, 2008-2012 .

The volume and score sending numbers reflect increased use of the exam worldwide, as 5,281 programs received GMAT scores in TY12, also an all-time high. The test-taking record also reflects increasing interest in the exam brought on by the addition of the Integrated Reasoning section June 5, less than a month before the end of the testing year. Historically, test volume rises just before changes are made to a standardized exam as test takers opt for a familiar format at the transition.

Key GMAT trends:

  • Roughly 560,000 GMAT score reports were sent to MBA and EMBA programs, and 240,000 scores went to other masters programs (such as accounting, finance, and management) in testing year 2012.
  • The number of programs receiving scores, 5,281, was up 7 percent from 2011 and 21 percent from 2008.
  • GMAT testing outside of the United States continues to grow quickly. Tests taken by non-US citizens rose 19 percent in 2012 and represented 59 percent of global GMAT volume. 
  • US test takers, the largest citizenship group, took 117,511 exams, slightly higher than the 116,546 tests taken by US citizens in 2011, and 41 percent of tests taken overall.
  • Chinese test takers, the second-largest citizenship group after the US, represented 20 percent of global testing. In 2012, the number of exams taken by Chinese citizens increased 45 percent from the year before, to 58,196 exams. 
  • Indian citizens, the third-largest citizenship group, took 30,213 GMAT exams, a figure that increased 19 percent in 2012. 

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