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Data to GO: Encouraging Job Search Signs From the Class of 2012

The job market is still challenging, but graduate business and management students in the class of 2012 are not having to work as hard as the class of 2011, according to early findings from GMAC’s Global Management Education Graduate Survey.

New Graduates' Job Searches 2011 vs. 2012 

The annual survey of graduate management education students in their final year of business school finds that students who had a job offer by March had sent out an average of nine resumes, sat for four job interviews, and received two job offers. Class of 2011 graduates who had job offers at the same time last year reported having sent out 16 resumes and sat for six interviews to get two job offers.

“Early indications were that students and employers were cautiously optimistic about the job market for this year’s graduates, and this is one more sign that hiring is slowly improving,” said Laura Leach, the GMAC survey research manager who authored the survey.

GMAC’s annual Global Management Education Graduate and Corporate Recruiters surveys, offering the latest trend information from the points of view of new graduates and those who seek to employ them, will be released May 22. Results from both surveys will be discussed at an hourlong webinar, From Applicant to Employee: What 2012 Hiring Trends Mean for Your Recruiting, on Thursday. May 24, at 11:30 am EDT/4:30 pm BST. Registration is free and open to schools that use the GMAT exam in their admissions processes.

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