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June 2012

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With Microsites, Content Starts at Home in India, China, and Africa

To make its web content locally engaging and to better connect with potential business and management students in India, China, and Africa, GMAC has launched three country- and region-specific microsites.

“ is a leading portal for potential students all over the world to learn about graduate management education and the GMAT exam. With the demand for graduate management study growing in many parts of the world, we are now tailoring the sites for students, their families, and schools in these key markets,” said Julia Tyler, GMAC executive vice president, global market development. “We want to reach potential students where they are and in language that draws them in and delivers the best experience possible.”

All three sites feature unique videos of management students from the country or region as well as region-specific information delivered in a culturally relevant way: Because India has significant numbers of students considering study in India and abroad, has sections specifically for both groups, with information about figuring out how much management education will cost, what kind of financing may be available, and what graduates can expect in the job placement process. The site also includes custom videos of Indian students studying management in the US and in India, a listing of the 74 Indian schools that use the GMAT exam in their admissions processes, as well as details about the 16 cities in India where the GMAT exam is offered on demand and year-round. Africa is an emerging market for management education, and the site includes information and advice on the value of investing in preparation and study, preparing for the GMAT exam, as well as steps to getting a degree and how to pay for it. Videos include not only African students but also school representatives, from Africa and abroad. The Chinese is written in Chinese, not only for potential students whose first language is Chinese but also for family members and other influencers who may not speak English. The Chinese site includes comprehensive information on why and how to apply to b-schools, the GMAT exam, a Chinese-language product descriptions for the store, blogs with posts translated from, and forums for student peer-to-peer discussions or queries to GMAC. GMAC’s online presence in China, where Facebook is unavailable, includes an Official GMAT Weibo page, a Chinese microblog - which has attracted 15,000 followers since its April launch - and other social media sites.


The sites are part of GMAC’s ongoing efforts to expand its global footprint through a local presence supported by social media. They not only aim to reach more students directly but also provide schools with a new channel to reach students in these markets. All the sites link to the events listings on, so schools that list recruiting events on may have students directed to them from the microsites. Other forms of engagement with students are in the works.

Social media and today’s web are all about engagement and delivering content that is relevant to specific audiences, Tyler said. “Our regional offices in Hong Kong and India, as well as our Africa business development director, have been involved in developing the sites to not only engage students in these regions, but also to connect schools with students in meaningful in local and individual ways.”

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