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June 2012

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As Accepted Students Brush Up Skills, Schools Can Track Their Progress

Even before accepted students show up for class, business schools can check their academic preparations and keep track of how the students are progressing with ESSENTIALprepTM, an online business school preparation program developed by the Graduate Management Admission Council. Schools that purchase at least five copies of the program receive access to a Progress Viewer that allows them not only to send activation codes to students but also to track how they’re doing as they use the program.


Click on the image for Progress Viewer Demo

ESSENTIALprep, formerly called GMAT Business Ready, offers web-based interactive coursework written and reviewed by business school professors in four subject areas: accounting, finance, quantitative skills, and statistics. The four modules include more than 80 lectures with animated graphics and videos, as well as a Test Your Knowledge feature, which lets students pinpoint their weaknesses so they can customize their study.

With the Progress Viewer, schools can see exactly how well students are performing on the Final Topic and Final course tests. They can set minimum scores for students to start their graduate programs to ensure they have the foundation knowledge they need to be successful.   

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“Business schools draw students from a wide range of undergraduate majors, some with more grounding in business school principles than others. And many programs, particularly MBA programs, want students to have work experience before starting their programs. Whether they have to brush up on some of these subject areas or learn some of them for the first time, ESSENTIALprep helps ensure that accepted students are ready to go from their first day in business school,” said Pepe Carreras, GMAC vice president, marketing.

ESSENTIALprep  Accounting, Finance, Quantitative, and Statistics programs are available separately for US$89.95 each or as a package for US$199.95. Schools can get a 30-day free trial and find out more about bulk purchase discounts and the Progress Viewer dashboard at

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