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January 2012

  Data & Trends

Job Market Pragmatism Pays for 2011 B-School Grads

Of the 86% employed, 4 out of 5 are happy with their jobs and say their salary met or exceeded expectations.

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  GMAT Transition News

Communicating With Students About the Next Generation GMAT

GMAC offers video for schools to post on their websites as well as FAQs for students.

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Demystifying the GMAT: Computer-Based Testing Terms

Lawrence Rudner, GMAC vice president of research and development, gives a peek under the hood of the GMAT exam, defining numerous computer-based testing terms.

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  Q & A

Five Questions on GMAT Test Security for … Dan Eyob

As a matter of fairness, GMAC strives to prevent cheating and notifies schools if it is ever detected, director of GMAT test security says.

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  Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz: What’s New in Graduate Management Education

Lally School helps strategize entrepreneurship in Northwest Africa, Duke moves forward in China, and more.

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  People on the Move

People on the Move

See what's new with your colleagues across the industry. Send promotion and hiring announcements to for inclusion in future editions of this newsletter.

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  GME Jobs

New Openings in Graduate Management Education

Looking for something new? Check out new professional opportunities around the industry and around the world.

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