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December 2012

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Data to Go: Who’s Test Taking at Home?

Almost all US citizens taking the GMAT exam sit for the exam in the US. But just two-thirds of citizens from Latin American countries take the exam in their home region and even fewer citizens of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa take the test in those regions, according to data from the Profile of GMAT Candidates, 2008-2012.

The Profile shows where different citizenship groups live when they take the exam. For many citizenship groups, a significant proportion of the test takers are already studying or working abroad.

“Knowing which world regions have substantial proportions of test takers living outside their home regions or countries when taking the exam can help schools decide on tactics like where to best focus their recruiting resources as well as signal opportunities about where to direct new efforts to engage prospects,” said Alex Chisholm, director, statistical analysis, for the Graduate Management Admission Council.


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