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Integrated Reasoning to be Scored on a Scale of 1 to 8

The GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, making its debut June 5, will be scored on a scale of 1 to 8 in single-digit increments. The Graduate Management Admission Council, which conducts the GMAT exam on behalf of business schools worldwide, announced the scale recently after multiple rounds of field testing on thousands of GMAT test takers.

“The new Integrated Reasoning section will measure test takers’ ability to convert data in different formats and from multiple sources into meaningful information to solve problems,” said Ashok Sarathy, vice president, GMAT Program. “Although the questions include both verbal and quantitative data, our testing showed that Integrating Reasoning is a distinct skill.  We think the scores will help schools gauge these skills among their applicants.”

The introduction of Integrated Reasoning will not alter the existing Quantitative, Verbal, Total, and Analytic Writing Assessment scales. Like the Analytical Writing Assessment score, IR will be reported as an independent score that does not affect the computation of the GMAT Total Score. This will allow schools and students to become familiar with IR and gently ease its transition into the admission process.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning Score Scale 

Also like the Analytical Writing Assessment score, the IR score will not be noted on the unofficial score reports provided to test takers immediately after the exam. IR, along with AWA, will be included on the Official Score Reports delivered within 20 days of testing.

The scale of 1 to 8 was chosen to reflect the available precision of the IR section. The test consists of 12 questions, most of which have multiple integrated parts. Test takers must correctly answer each of the integrated parts in order to get credit for the question. Because the section measures the ability to use integrated reasoning to solve complex problems, the questions are designed so that all responses combine for a correct answer. Partial credit is not given. (In this issue, GMAC's Lawrence M. Rudner explains what scaled scores are and how the IR score scale was developed).

For tests taken starting June 5, Official Score Reports will include the Integrated Scale Score (1 to 8) and an Integrated Reasoning score percentile, which is the proportion of scores below the given score. Because the section is new, the Integrated Reasoning score percentile on score reports requested after testing and on the GMAT score reporting website accessible to schools may change slightly as more test takers sit for the exam. GMAT score percentiles for the Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal, Quantitative, and Total scores are all based on three years’ worth of score data. The IR percentiles will be based on all tests taken June 5 and afterward. They will be updated monthly for the first six months and then updated on the same schedule as the other GMAT percentiles.

In April and May, GMAC will hold free webinars about the Integrated Reasoning section and the score scale for schools that use the GMAT exam. A one-hour Integrated Reasoning session, for school professionals who have not attended previous GMAC Integrated Reasoning presentations, will be held April 11, April 23, and May 8. A half-hour highlights session, for those who have attended a previous session, will be held April 26, May 15, May 30, and June 12. It will serve as a reminder of basic information and also feature more on the IR score scale. Registration is open now. More information about the GMAT exam with Integrated Reasoning, including videos, fact sheets, and specs for updating score reporting websites, is available at

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