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GMAC Researchers Bring #GMAT Data, Survey Findings to Twitter

GMAC joins the cohort of research organizations using Twitter to help professionals in graduate management education keep up with leading topics in higher education.

The new Twitter account @GMACResearchers combines primary data collected by GMAC researchers from test takers or surveys with timely topics and other external research findings.

“What I appreciate about Twitter is the fact that data can resonate with many schools even when it’s not what they’re expecting, and before they have even asked the question. Generally, schools email with data questions or information requests. I expect that to continue, but this gives more attention to what information we could have that’s relevant to their needs,” said Michelle Sparkman Renz, GMAC director of research communications.

GMAC researchers offer different conversations from the ones in the @GMACNews and the @GMACNewscenter streams. Their goal is to put out more digestible GMAT statistics and survey findings that reach wider audiences, and sometimes adds insights to tangential conversations. “This lets us highlight important information that spans reports, themes, and geographies. And, the tweets may come directly from one of the team’s analysts, survey managers, or psychometricians,” Sparkman Renz said.

Examples of some of the recent tweets include:

  • #bschool prospects plan to use family financial support to pay for school, with 42% seeking help from parents, on avg.
  • #Women account for the majority interested in flexible #MBA, MS #management & #accounting programs.
  • European #bschools received a record # of GMAT scores in 2011. 62% came from non-European citizens!
  • Healthcare companies pay #MBAs a salary premium, check out the difference in 2011.

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