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Understanding Students’ Hire Expectations

When they graduate from business school, students cite the personal growth, skills gained, and the peer relationships they formed among what they value most. But the top motivator drawing them to business school in the first place remains improving their job prospects.

Fully seven out of 10 prospective business school students surveyed earlier this year for the Prospective Students Survey say they’re pursuing a degree to increase their job opportunities, compared with 66 percent who want to increase their general business knowledge, skills, and abilities; 58 percent who want to develop leadership skills; and 55 percent who want to gain personal satisfaction and achievement. (Respondents could select more than one reason.)

“Admissions professionals who understand the job market and the expectations of students and employers are better able to recruit and advise applicants,” said Sabrina White, GMAC client services senior manager. White, along with GMAC research directors Gregg Schoenfeld and Michelle Sparkman Renz, will present a free webinar October 27 titled “Hire Expectations: What You Should Know About the Job Market When Recruiting Your Next Class.”

Findings from more than 8,000 prospective students surveyed from January to June of this year reveal where students look to find information about schools, who influences their choices, and what attracts them to different countries. The data show distinct patterns among international students and career intentions when choosing to study in the US, Canada, or Europe. More students seeking a US degree do so to better prepare for a career as well as to improve their job prospects in their home country, while a greater percentage of students considering Canada choose it because of the ease of obtaining student visas and work permits. More students preferring to study in Europe, meanwhile, cite a desire to improve their chances of having an international career and build an international network of peers.

In addition to admissions criteria and curriculum information, prospective students are looking for job and career related information when exploring school websites during their information gathering.

What Prospective Students Look for on School Websites

The webinar, featuring regional and industry-specific hiring trends, as well as data to help manage student expectations, will be held at 11:30 am Eastern Daylight Time/8:30 am Pacific Daylight Time. Registration is free.

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