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Student Aspirations Featured in ‘Grow Your Dream’ Campaign

In an ambitious global campaign, GMAC presents taking the GMAT exam and applying to business school as the first steps toward getting a graduate management degree and turning your passion into prosperity.

Through a series of online and mobile advertisements, the Grow Your Dream campaign portrays a student standing to the left of a black-and-white illustrated background representing one of four different career “dreams”: wind farm CEO, civil engineer, investment banker, and software developer. As viewers click on and move the student to the right, the landscape changes from black and white to color, symbolizing the transformation from dream to reality.


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“The campaign shows the GMAT exam can be the starting point to achieving your dream,” said Pepe Carreras, GMAC vice president of marketing. “It conveys that we all end up in business and that taking the exam and getting a graduate management degree are concrete steps in the process of turning your passion into a successful business career.” 

Launched globally on October 3, the ads invite viewers to share more about their dream careers on a Facebook page, which will be updated with information on different careers and videos of management students pursuing them, more details on what it takes to succeed, and step-by-step advice on how to pursue the career with a graduate management degree. The page will start with alternative energy careers and be updated on an ongoing basis with new careers, videos, and other extras as students suggest them, Carreras said.

Grow Your Dream is GMAC’s first major global student campaign. It is the result of nearly two years of test marketing, which started with the US-specific Direct Your Destiny campaign in 2009. Earlier this year, GMAC tested several themes in seven cities worldwide, with Grow Your Dream emerging as the clear winner in all markets.

“Although GMAC is aiming to reach a highly complex and, diverse market,” Carreras said, “the aspirational message resonates around the world.”

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