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GMASS Gets a Makeover

The Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) has been redesigned to make it easier and faster for schools to find and contact potential candidates who are the best fit for their programs.

The database has nearly 385,000 names of registrants who’ve opted in to hear from schools, with detailed demographic information such as citizenship and residence, age, desired program type, undergraduate major, years’ work experience, and GMAT score range for those who’ve already taken the exam.

“GMASS has always been a powerful tool for schools to recruit with precision to find the best candidates for their programs. With advice and guidance from those who use it every day, we have made it even better,” says Paula McKay, associate director, customer care.


The search service includes numerous updates:

  • A larger and more intuitive interface and a faster search – 25 percent to 30 percent quicker than before
  • A quick view of your shopping cart that shows your running tab, gives you drop-down details of your searches and navigates straight to checkout
  • An improved New Search screen that is easier to navigate, keeps your Total Matching Names updated, and gives you a quick view of the entire Candidate Pool
  • Multi-country searches, so you don’t have to create separate searches with the same criteria for each country
  • A new Combine and Download button, which allows you to download multiple GMASS searches into one single download file─helpful if you have multiple GMASS searches that will be imported into the same database

Although we’ve made several improvements to the application, some things won’t change, like the data that you have grown to trust over the years, McKay said. “Your recurring searches and search history are there, along with your current credit card information profile and Output file.”

“GMASS is a unique source of contacts of people whom are motivated to study business and management. We have not changed any of the data─we have just made it easier to access and use.”  

Find out more about the GMASS redesign at a free webinar: 11:30 am Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 18, or at 10 am Hong Kong Time on Wednesday, November 3.  Get answers to your questions from GMASS experts at a Live GMASS Q&A at 11:30 am Eastern Time on Tuesday, December 6. For more information about the service, email or call +1(703) 668-9606.

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