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Quick and Custom Data With Interactive Benchmark Reports

GMAC’s benchmark reports–providing free, confidential market intelligence for survey participants–have gone from customized to customizable.

The new interactive benchmark reports allow any user to go online, select five or more other survey participants, and instantly compare the user’s survey data to the group of selected programs as well as the overall survey findings. The benchmark reports require Adobe Flash Player and are able to provide instantaneous results by tapping into survey data from GMAC’s secure server.

“I liked the fact that you could choose the schools and that they were interactive─you could just do it yourself. It was much, much easier and quicker,” said Michelle Garcia-Navarro, MBA admissions director at the University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business.

As a participant in the 2011 Preliminary Application Trends Survey, Garcia-Navarro was able to click and drag five or more programs from an online list and see immediately how Shidler stacked up against the combined totals.

Launched earlier this year with the Preliminary Applications Trends Survey, the interactive benchmark reports are supplanting the custom reports that the research team has traditionally prepared manually. In the past, participants had to send researchers the list of schools to be benchmarked against and wait several weeks for a PDF report. Now, GMAC sends each participant an individual, confidential link to the online tool. Data can be viewed as graphs or tables and can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel. In addition, screenshots can be saved to a computer and used in presentations.
The interactive benchmark reports are part of the new GMAC Interactive Research initiative which has already enhanced several current publications, including editions of the Profile of GMAT Candidates, Geographic Trend Reports, and annual survey data reports. The interactive reports are not only more flexible and much faster, they also allow access to far more data than the static data reports, which sometimes ran hundreds of pages long.

 “GMAC has been a leading provider of research into all aspects of graduate management education,” said Lawrence Rudner, GMAC vice president, Research and Development. “Now we’re leading the way into new modes of presentation that will make the research even more accessible, useful, and even entertaining. In addition, web-based log files help us identify which data are accessed most often, which will help inform future survey design,” Rudner said.

For now, Garcia-Navarro is looking forward to the interactive benchmark report from the full Application Trends Survey, which is being conducted through July 8, with interactive data and benchmark reports available in September. 

 “I think it’s useful to see how we’re doing in terms of other schools, and if your trends are comparable to other schools in terms of how we’re faring, against our competitor schools or the industry as a whole,” she said. “That information is good to have, just to know just what’s going on, and to be able to discuss intelligently what the trends are.”
GMAC’s confidential interactive benchmark reports provide free market intelligence exclusively to participants of GMAC’s annual surveys of Application Trends, Corporate Recruiters, and Global Management Education Graduates. Learn more about benchmark reports at

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