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Employers Take Up a Post in the Social Media Space

Companies are embracing social media as one more tool in the recruiting toolbox – and already social media use is a more popular recruitment strategy than traditional printed job listings, according to new analysis of data from GMAC’s 2011 Corporate Recruiters Survey. LinkedIn is more popular than Facebook or Twitter for recruitment.

The annual survey of employers finds that more than a third of companies (35 percent) use social media as a recruiting strategy, as compared with about a quarter that use printed job announcements (26 percent) and work professional associations (25 percent). But social media lag far behind employee referrals (76 percent), company website (75 percent), on-campus recruiting (68 percent) and even online job search engines or job boards (64 percent). 

“Job seekers should keep in mind that employee referrals are the No. 1 recruitment strategy companies use—social media, especially LinkedIn, expands your professional network and thus your opportunities to find out about jobs and receive referrals,” said survey author Rachel Edgington.

The Corporate Recruiters Survey, with responses from 1,509 employers from 905 companies in 51 countries, also revealed how companies use social media. Some 48 percent use social media to advertise jobs and 44 percent to identify job candidates, but just 18 percent to verify job applicant information. 

Other findings from this year’s survey, the first to include questions about social media: