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To Market, to Market: Three Steps to Better Results

Marketing takes many forms, and it varies from business school to business school. But it’s all about results, and GMAC’s hard-won lessons learned from the marketing trenches offer some insights relevant to schools, GMAC Vice President of Marketing Pepe Carreras said recently at a session at the group’s Annual Conference recently in Boston.
Marketing is about three things: customer awareness, acceptance, and adoption, said Carreras, who presented a session titled “Reigniting Your Marketing Strategies and Tactics” with Betsy Kacizak, GMAC client services specialist.

Carreras and Kacizak shared best practices and lessons learned from GMAC’s email campaign program, GMATCH MBA Virtual Fair, and their student campaign efforts, as these examples offer many parallels with how schools conduct current marketing efforts and the learnings may help schools refine their own marketing activities. In summary, there were three themes highlighted

Systematically tracking what you’re doing does not have to cost a lot, Kacizak said. Noted Carreras: “What’s really expensive is not looking at the information. And once you have the information, it takes time to activate – so be patient, steer-correct as you go, and don’t stop innovating.”