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Data to Go: Management Study in the Land of the Maple Leaf

Interest in graduate management education is surging in Canada, with record numbers of both Canadian residents taking the GMAT exam and GMAT scores being sent to Canadian schools. For the testing year ending June 30, 2010, 8,662 exams were administered to Canadian residents, a five-year increase of 29 percent, and Canadian schools received 28,166 score reports, up 25 percent from the testing year 2006.


Canadian residents who take the GMAT exam remain likely to pursue studies close to home, sending 70 percent of their scores to programs in Canada and 47 percent to programs within their province.

For Canada Day July 1, here’s a look at test-taking and score-sending trends in Canada from GMAC’s new North American Geographic Trend Report:

  • Among tests taken by Canadian residents, the percentage of exams taken by those younger than 25 jumped from 22 percent to 28 percent in five years.
  • Ontario is fueling much of the growth, with 4,952 exams taken in TY10─up 1,000 tests from five years before. In TY10, Ontario residents took 57 percent of exams administered in Canada and sent 57 percent of their scores to programs in Ontario. And management programs in Ontario received 62 percent of all GMAT scores sent to Canada.
  • Quebec, meanwhile, is Canada’s most internationally diverse testing location, as non-Canadian citizens took 39 percent of the exams administered there in TY10. The percentage of scores sent by Quebec residents to programs outside Canada rose from 22 percent in TY06 to 31 percent in TY10.
  • Although North America drew 91 percent of Canadian residents’ scores in TY10, business programs in Europe—especially in the United Kingdom, France, and Spain—have attracted more Canadian talent over the past five years.
  • Globally, Canada is the No. 3 score-sending destination, behind the US and the UK. Nearly 30 percent of score reports sent to Canadian management programs were sent by Indian or Chinese citizens. About 5 percent of scores sent to Canada came from citizens of Iran and Pakistan. Both countries sent more scores to Canada than US citizens, who accounted for less than 2 percent of the scores sent to Canadian programs in TY10.

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