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23 GMAT Program Code Categories Added or Updated

Reflecting the rapid expansion in types of graduate programs involving business and management that accept the GMAT exam, GMAC has added or updated 23 program types to its GMAT program code categories.

“Management skills are critical in most every walk of life. From engineering to healthcare to public policy – we are seeing more master’s programs incorporating management,” said GMAC Executive Vice President Julia Tyler.

At the same time, the number of specialized master’s programs in business-related fields such as accounting and finance continues to increase. As 2011 ends, more than 5,300 different programs use the GMAT exam.

“All types of business and management programs, all around the world,  are finding GMAT scores help them identify quality applicants well-placed to stand up to the academic rigor of their programs,” Tyler said.

Schools that use the GMAT exam for different programs should make sure that they have a different GMAT code for each program and that each code is categorized correctly, Tyler said.

Having programs coded correctly:

GMAC added the new program codes in 2011 because it recognized the growth of new program types accepting the GMAT exam for admission.

“Having more precise categories will serve everyone better,” Tyler said.

New or updated GMAT program code types:

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