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August 2011

  GMAT Transition News

Next Generation GMAT: Multi-Source Reasoning

A four-part series offers an early look the new Integrated Reasoning question formats being added to the exam in June 2012 .

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The Alsop Perspective: The Eternal Challenge of Teaching Ethics

Business schools try new approaches, but instilling integrity remains an uphill battle, writes Ron Alsop.   . . . read more

  Data & Trends

Underrepresented Populations Drawn to Entrepreneurship

Insights into career outcomes and financial mix can help recruiters engage African American, Hispanic American, and Native American applicants.

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  Q & A

Five Questions About Online Communications for … Michael Stoner

Make being mobile-friendly a top priority, advises GMAC Annual Conference speaker.

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  Biz Buzz

Biz Buzz: What’s New in Graduate Management Education

Top Tweet wins US$37,000 ticket to Tippie; a five-school Global Alliance; and more!

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  People on the Move

People on the Move

See what's new with your colleagues across the industry. Send promotion and hiring announcements to for inclusion in future editions of this newsletter.

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  GME Jobs

New Openings in Graduate Management Education

Looking for something new? Check out new professional opportunities around the industry and around the world.

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