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Next Generation GMAT Question Types Being Researched

Ten new question formats─asking test takers to use different types of data or information from different sources to solve problems─are being studied this month for possible inclusion in the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam. The new 30-minute section, centerpiece of the Next Generation GMAT, is scheduled to launch in June 2012.

All test takers sitting for the GMAT exam November 19-24 will answer 12-15 extra questions presented in new formats in an additional 30-minute research section. Unlike the regular exam, the 30-minute section will not be scored, and results will not be shared with schools. New question format examples have been made available to participants, as well as a video summarizing how the new question formats will be displayed and answered:

“Our survey of 740 faculty members around the world informed us that the management education program today requires students to assimilate different types of information, to interpret different types of graphically presented information, and to evaluate tradeoffs. We are researching new question formats, that take advantage of the innovations in technology and measurement, to measure these skills,” said Ashok Sarathy, GMAC vice president, GMAT Program.

In addition to new question formats, the use of an online calculator with simple functions is being tested. The calculator is being considered for use in the Integrated Reasoning section only. It will not be used in the Quantitative section, which will not change.

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