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Join Team MBA and Get into the Business of Giving Back

GMAC President David A. Wilson invites your school to join with business schools worldwide in the third annual TeamMBA Month in April—and to take part in the 2010 TeamMBA Awards Competition.

Last year, 3,800 students from 48 business schools took part in TeamMBA Month. Here’s a sampling of what student teams accomplished over the years:

Your school can join in the business of giving back through TeamMBA Month in just three easy steps:

  1. Plan a student project or activity that supports social responsibility.
  2. Designate a staff or faculty member to serve as a TeamMBA contact for GMAC.
  3. Register your activity online at the TeamMBA website.

Once GMAC receives your registration, TeamMBA staff will follow up with ideas for how your school can get the most value from its participation in TeamMBA Month. For example, you’ll receive a TeamMBA press kit with templates for press releases that you can use with your local media outlets. GMAC will also promote the program by sending press releases about TeamMBA Month and the TeamMBA awards competition. Plus, GMAC will send you free Team MBA T-shirts for all your participants.

Coming soon: The 2010 TeamMBA Awards—Nominate Your School

Six business schools won TeamMBA Awards last year for outstanding work to advance corporate and social responsibility. Will your school win this year? Watch your email for details about how to nominate your school for a 2010 Team MBA Award.

This year’s award winners, decided by a panel of business school professionals, will be feted this June at GMAC’s Annual Industry Conference in San Diego.

“TeamMBA Awards honor work under the TeamMBA banner throughout the year, not just during TeamMBA Month,” Glenda Lucas said. “I urge every business school to apply for this chance to win extra recognition for work well done.”

Through TeamMBA, volunteers have donated more than 25,000 hours of public service and raised more than $500,000 worth causes. To learn more, visit the TeamMBA website.