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GMAT Fee Waiver Program Helps Ensure Student Access to Business Schools

As part of its ongoing efforts to ensure access for all to graduate management education, GMAC has created a program that enables students who aspire to business school and have financial need to take the GMAT at no cost.

The fee waiver program permits business schools that use the GMAT to offer free access to the GMAT to a limited number of prospective students whose financial circumstances prevent them from paying the US$250 fee on their own. Schools can apply for up to 10 fee waivers per year.

GMAC encourages schools to offer fee waivers with need-based scholarship and financial aid programs. China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), for example, uses the fee waivers to help recruit students from what are called “less developed” sections of China. Other programs may use fee waivers to help them recruit students from other countries. GMAC will consider such programs when schools request more than 10 fee waivers per year.

GMAC does not provide fee waivers directly to test takers; rather, they are provided directly to schools that use the GMAT exam. Schools that receive waivers must provide a monthly accounting to help GMAC monitor its outreach efforts. Schools have sole discretion in determining if a candidate has an economic need. For more information, see the online FAQ.

Administrators from business schools with questions about the program can email

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