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Pearson Test of English Academic Expands Test Centers in China

In response to the increasing demand for English-language testing in China, Pearson, the owner of Pearson Test of English Academic, has expanded the number of centers that offer the test. Available only in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in March, the Pearson Test of English Academic is now offered in 12 Chinese cities.

Over the next two months, PTE Academic will be available in some 135 test centers in 44 countries, including China, India, the US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. Pearson developed PTE Academic to create a more accurate test for measuring students’ English language skills. GMAC collaborated with Pearson to develop and has endorsed the test.

Chinese students are mobile. According to statistics for 2009 from the Chinese Ministry of Education, the most popular destination countries for China’s students are the US, Australia, the UK, Korea, Japan, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, France, and Russia. These 10 countries attract 86.3 percent of Chinese students, 53 percent of whom seek study at the bachelor’s level and above.

In 2009, for example, nearly 100,000 students from mainland China were granted a visa for study in the US. Officials anticipate a rise of up to 20 percent in visa applications in 2010.

Globally, nearly 1,500 programs now recognize PTE Academic, making that test option open to more than half a million students. Test takers can register up to 24 hours before the test. Currently, it takes less than two business days to get test results, and 95 percent of practice test scores are returned in just 20 minutes.

To further support the expansion of its test centers in China, Pearson also announced the launch of PTE Academic Professional Partner Network. The network engages English language training providers and other organizations committed to international education, providing visibility and access to premium services, such as lesson plans and teacher training workshops.
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