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GMASS: Finding Students Serious About Business School Is Serious Business

Recruiting would be a lot more efficient if you could just start with a pool of potential students you knew were serious about business school and would be a good demographic fit for your program.

GMASS, the Graduate Management Admission Search Service, lets you do just that. By using your own criteria to sort through nearly 400,000 registrants who’ve opted in to hear from schools, you can target precisely those who are the most likely fit for your program.

"Registrants of come from all over the world and have a wide variety of undergraduate majors─and they've all indicated interest in graduate business education," says Paula McKay, GMAC associate director of customer care.

Drawing from the demographic data from profiles, GMASS can be sorted by 25 subcategories, such as age range, gender, citizenship, current location, ethnic identification, undergraduate major, degree objective, GMAT score range, and planned date of enrollment.

GMASS can add precision to your recruiting in numerous ways:

  • Develop invitation lists for recruiting events by sorting desirable candidates by current location.
  • Recruit to fill scholarships or fellowships earmarked for specific populations by sorting by demographic characteristics.
  • Lay the groundwork for segmenting your recruiting efforts by generating different mailing lists for different target populations.

Many potential candidates register with well before they schedule a GMAT testing appointment. "Our Registrants Survey shows that many potential students are looking at specific business schools well before they take the GMAT exam," says Gregg Schoenfeld, GMAC associate director of research. "GMASS helps you find potential students at all stages of the admission process so you can target your messages precisely."

McKay, along with GMAC member services specialist Sabrina White, will host two free webinars on using GMASS to recruit more efficiently:

  • GMASS: An Introduction will be held July 22 and August 18 for those in Europe and the Americas and September 29 for those in Asia
  • GMASS: Making It Work for Your School will be held September 14 for those in Europe and the Americas and October 7 for those in Asia, will feature GMASS power users from schools and Schoenfeld, who will share ways of combining GMASS with research data from the Registrants survey to use GMASS more strategically.

Registration is now open.

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