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Extreme Makeover: From MBA Survival Kit to GMAT Business Ready

GMAC has produced a new online tutorial to help new graduate business students come to class ready to get down to business.

GMAT Business Ready helps students who are entering graduate management programs to prep for their core courses. Easy-to-understand tutorials help students brush up their knowledge of accounting, finance, quantitative skills, and statistics. Designed by leading graduate-level professors, each module also features personalized feedback. Students advance through each module at their own pace.

“Students bring different levels of skill sets when they come to business school. Some haven’t been in a classroom in several years. Some may need a refresher course in core areas,” says Allison B. Riley, GMAC associate director for product management. “GMAT Business Ready helps students polish skills that might be rusty or learn new areas, and helps everyone to start at the same point when classes begin.”

The tutorial was originally launched in 1999 to help students who may have been out of an academic environment brush up on their skills. It was renamed the MBA Survival Kit in 2001, when the statistics course was added.

With this update to GMAT Business Ready, several new features were designed with input from business schools, Riley says. For example, the kit now includes “pre” and “post” tests to help students assess their mastery—and pinpoint where they might need more study. Delivery is now web-based and completely online, no longer tied to CD-ROM. Students with access to a computer can use GMAT Business Ready anywhere, anytime.

Another important benefit for business schools is that GMAT Business Ready will soon be SCORM compliant (meeting standard specifications for e-learning systems)—and fully importable into many campus-based Learning Management Systems. Schools will be able to customize the modules to match the specific content of their programs. They’ll also be able to track student progress through their LMS.

Content for each module has been completely rewritten, updated, and reformatted. The new design was built around intuitive navigation that lets students scroll easily from lesson to lesson and customize GMAT Business Ready for their own use. “Students can dive into the material anywhere,” Riley says. Progress bars track a student’s progress in each lesson.

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