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GMAT Bus Puts 1,000th Test Taker on the Fast Track to an MBA

When people ask how he got started on his military career, David Minnick can always say that he took the bus.

Just a month and a half after meeting a military recruiter and discovering an Army ROTC scholarship would pay for his MBA, Minnick took the GMAT exam April 15 at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Fla. In doing so, he became the 1,000th person to test on the GMAT Mobile Test Center.

Pearson test administrator Ellen Mazurek, left, welcomes David Minnick, the 1,000th person to take the GMAT exam on the GMAT Mobile Test Center.







“If the bus had not been coming, I would have had to drive at least an hour to Orlando,” say Minnick, 24, a 2007 graduate of Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville. “But as it was, I had to drive five minutes to where the bus was.”

Minnick, who recently moved back home, just three miles from the bus stop, found the whole process smooth going. After signing up for the test online, he bought a study guide and also used GMATPrep, the free software tutorial that GMAC offers to help registrants get familiar with the test format. 

“All the practice materials they give you to train with and practice with were similar to the test. It’s a good way to try to prepare yourself for it,” he says.

Minnick expected to take the exam in a classroom at FIT, where he will enter a two-year full-time MBA program in August. “I was pleasantly surprised by the bus and how easy it was to be in there and taking the test. There wasn’t any sort of distraction. They had headphones and earplugs; it was all professionally done. There’s not much you can do to make taking a test on a bus any better.”

Indeed, the GMAT bus is running on all cylinders. A former metro bus repurposed with six computer testing stations, the GMAT Mobile Test Center first hit the road in 2006 to increase access to the exam─ and to graduate management education─for students in remote areas. The fourth transcontinental journey started in March at the University of California-Bakersfield and winds up in June at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Minnick, for one, hopes testing on wheels gives him a rolling start to an MBA and a military career. After getting his MBA on ROTC scholarship, he’ll start his four-year active service commitment as a second lieutenant.

“I plan on making a career out of the military. An MBA degree will help me better able to get a higher rank a bit quicker.”
About the GMAT Mobile Test Center Spring Tour:

  • Administers the GMAT exam at 17 universities in 12 states
  • Covers more than 4,500 miles from March to June
  • Spends two to three days per stop, with 24-36 available appointments per stop
  • Crossing the US for the third time and North America for the fourth (following a Canadian tour in 2008)
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