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GMAC Completes Scoretop Investigation; 84 Scores Canceled

As a result of the investigation, GMAC canceled the scores of a total of 84 test takers. Twelve of the test takers posted live GMAT questions on the Scoretop website. They will not be eligible to take the GMAT again for a minimum of three years. The remaining 72 wrote a message on Scoretop confirming that they saw items from the site on their GMAT exam. The scores of these individuals were also canceled; however, they may now re-test.

Letters informing the 84 test takers of these actions were sent on Friday, September 5, 2008. Colleges and universities to which test scores of the 84 students were sent were also notified.

“We take the action of canceling scores very seriously, with a full understanding of our ethical responsibility to both students and schools to protect the integrity of the test and the application process,” GMAC President David A. Wilson said. He added that the decisions to cancel scores were based on an extensive analysis of data from the Scoretop website and GMAT registration and examination information.

The Scoretop site was shut down in June, following the issuance of a default judgment against an individual named Lei Shi and other Scoretop operators by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia for copyright infringement of GMAC intellectual property. The court awarded GMAC damages of $2.3 million, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and other relief. GMAC seized ownership of the Scoretop domain name and a computer hard drive as part of its efforts to collect on the judgment.

Wilson noted that, while GMAC is not actively expanding the scope of the investigation, it reserves the right to investigate any additional information it receives about a test-taker's activities on Scoretop and to take appropriate action.

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