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Global MBA and Corporate Recruiters Survey Invitations Coming Soon

Schools participating in the Global MBA and Corporate Recruiters Survey receive free customized benchmark reports, comprehensive data reports, and first-release editions of survey reports absolutely free. Ensure that your school receives invitations to these surveys by filling out our brief participation request form.

Global MBA Graduate Survey

Dates to Remember: School sign-up period begins in December, Students surveyed February–March

What’s in it for schools?
Articulate your value proposition, gain insight into your student community, and use empirically derived evidence as a point of reference for your discussions about continuous improvements. This annual research study about graduate business and management education students allows you to collect data and gather information about your student population and that of the community at large. This free data provides valuable observations useful in evaluating your program from a student perspective.
Contribute to the graduate business and management education community’s body of knowledge by participating in the 10th annual Global MBA® Graduate Survey—a reliable source of information about your student community. More information and past reports are available.

Corporate Recruiters Survey

Dates to Remember: School sign-up period begins in December, Employers surveyed February–March

What’s in it for schools?
Accept and grow the right talent, then find the right fit. The academic qualifications, interpersonal skills, and leadership attributes that you look for when crafting an incoming class soon develop into skills and qualifications employers evaluate in candidates for their companies. This annual research study gives you unique information regarding employer perceptions about your students and their job prospects in the coming year. Employers also provide insight into their skill needs for the future, which could prove useful for your applicant evaluations today.

Help use ensure a comprehensive review of corporate recruiter expectations by including your school’s employers in our data pool and encouraging your colleagues to do the same. Participation requires minimal effort from your Career Services specialists. More information and past reports are available, or launch our Webinar.

Contact our research team at

Did you know?
Global MBA Graduate Survey participants who agree to follow-up studies with GMAC are invited to participate in the Alumni Perspectives Survey, which tracks alumni career progression, return on investment, education needs, and retrospective views about their education. Visit past reports for more information.

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