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TeamMBA Week Launches with a Bang

The first-ever TeamMBA Week sparked more than two thousand students from Honolulu to Hong Kong to temporarily put their studies aside to give back locally to communities and causes. The TeamMBA Week launch, which took place April 21-25, was dubbed an unqualified success.

Teams from 28 business schools took part in activities in support of TeamMBA week. A total of 2,155 students performed 6500 volunteer hours under the TeamMBA banner. TeamMBA Week fundraising activities collected some $31,000 for local causes.

Among many different activities, student participants in TeamMBA Week helped renovate public school buildings in Washington, D.C.; held a 5K race to raise money for Boys & Girls Clubs in Columbus, Ohio; cleaned-up a park in Rochester, New York; refurbished homes for needy people in Charlottesville, Virginia; assisted in the restoration of ancient temples in Honolulu; and helped to open the minds of underprivileged children to opportunities through education in Hong Kong.
“The success of TeamMBA week clearly shows that the next generation of business leaders is committed to social responsibility and community engagement,” says Melissa Knueven, who directs the program.

TeamMBA Week is one of the activities of TeamMBA, a GMAC initiative that encourages and supports social responsibility and community engagement by graduate business schools and their students. Since TeamMBA was launched in 2005, thousands of students, staff, and faculty from dozens of business schools have donated thousands of volunteer hours and raised more than $400,000 for charities and community organizations. For more information, visit

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