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GMAC™ Awards $350,000 for Research Grants, Fellowships

Under one grant, researchers will investigate how well general management courses align with the emerging evidence-based management movement. Another project will examine quality measures of MBA programs based on institutional and curricular factors, students, and faculty. Researchers will also conduct the first empirical study of the substantial changes in contemporary management education over the last several decades, and will seek to better understand the role of gender, race, and citizenship in shaping the benefits of social networks in MBA programs. Another investigator will assess MBA student attitudes toward the business community.

MERInstitute grant awards for 2008 are as follows:
Kenneth Brown, University of Iowa and Jean Bartunek, Boston College. Evidence-based Management or Something Else? An Examination of Content and Process in the Management Classrooms of AACSB Accredited MBA Programs. 2008 Grant Award of $33,143.

Erich C. Dierdorff and Robert S. Rubin, DePaul University. The Relevance, Requirements, and Ramifications of Specialized MBA Programs. 2008 Grant Award of $71,686.

Wayne Grove, Le Moyne College and Syracuse University, Steven Kulick, Le Moyne College, and Andrew Hussey, University of Memphis. Estimating the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Returns to Multiple Measures of MBA Quality. 2008 Grant Award of $80,835.

Alison Konrad, University of Western Ontario. A Longitudinal Study of Social Capital Utilization: Race, Gender, and Citizenship Effects. 2008 Grant Award of $89,850

William J. Lundstrom, Cleveland State University. Assessment of MBA Attitudes towards the Business Community: A Measure of Students’ Current Attitudinal State. 2008 Grant Award of $74,895

Two fellowships were also awarded:
Sara L. Rynes, University of Iowa. Evidence-Based Management in Organizations and the Classroom: Current Realities and Future Prospects. 2008 Faculty Fellow.

Dianne Bevelander, RSM Erasmus University. Network Development in MBA Programs. 2008 Doctoral Student Fellow.

The Graduate Management Admission Council established the Management Education Research Institute in 2005 to stimulate faculty research on issues affecting graduate management education. Through its Fellowship and Grants Program, the MERInstitute funds data-driven research related to graduate management education around the world—research that develops knowledge and innovation, and identifies best practices and areas for improvement in admissions, curriculum, career, and outcomes.

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