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Save Time and the Environment: Switch to Online GMATâ„¢ Score Reports

The program’s guidelines are simple and straightforward. For schools that agree to switch entirely to using electronic reports, the Council will work with the group American Forest ( to ensure that a tree is planted. GMAC will also plant one tree in honor of each school already using electronic scores.

Electronic score reports provide the same information as paper reports—all you lose is the waiting period for processing and mailing. Scores and management reports are also available on demand; there’s no need to store paper reports for future reference. And we all help the environment by saving trees, fuel, and other resources.

To smooth the transition for schools, GMAC will continue sending paper reports for six months after the institution starts receiving reports electronically. GMAC provides step-by-step instruction, documentation, and technical support to programs that get score reports online.

So don’t wait any longer—let GMAC know that you want to “go electronic.” For further information, contact Betsy McIntyre at, +1-703-245-4322.