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GMAC™ Grants Support Nine Projects to Study Management Education

Several of the grants will help fund studies of career paths for MBAs. Others will help researchers learn more about graduate business internships, the relationship between work experience and performance in business school, and the quality of MBA marketing curriculum. The awards include five grants, two faculty fellowships, and three doctoral student fellowships.

A full list of the projects is posted at

2006 Grantees Make Their Marks

Researchers supported by MERInstitute grants in its first full year have continued to contribute to the graduate management education industry:

The paper by Alvin Hwang of Pace University, Regina Bento of Harvard Business School, and J.B. (Ben) Arbaugh of University of Wisconsin has been nominated for the Academy of Management’s "Best Applied Paper" award and is the Careers Division's nominee for the Dexter Award. Separately, Arbaugh also won the “Best Paper on Graduate Management Education” award.

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Anson Seers’s paper finished second in the “Best Paper in Graduate Management Education” competition and will be published in the Academy's Best Papers Proceedings.

Erich C. Dierdorff and Robert S. Rubin of DePaul University have won the Academy of Management’s "Management Education Division Global Forum" Best Paper award, the equivalent of a "Best in Show" award.

Brooks Holton of Georgetown University and Ed Inderrieden of Marquette University are featured authors in the fifth volume of Research Education and Development with their paper “New Visions in Graduate Management Education.” They were also featured in the January/February issue of Biz Ed magazine.

GMAC established the Management Education Research Institute in 2005 to stimulate research on graduate management education. In 2006, the institute distributed $300,000 in support of eight research projects.


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