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GMATâ„¢ Registration Volume Surpasses 127,000

GMAT Registration Volume

Year-to-date GMAT registration volume through June 30, 2007—127,991 worldwide—shows a 10.79% increase when compared to the number of registrations during the same period in 2006.* 

GMAT registrations in the United States during the first six months of calendar year 2007 were up 5.84% compared with registration volume during the comparable period last year. Outside the United States, registration volume for the first six months increased 20.51%.

GMAT® Testing Volume

Year-to-date GMAT volume (GMAT tests taken) through June 30, 2007—107,959 worldwide— shows a 12.47% increase when compared to the number of tests taken during the first six months of 2006. 

Testing volume the United States for this period increased 8.30% compared with testing volume during the same period last year; outside the United States, testing volume increased 21.56% over the first six months of last year.  

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*In January 2006, GMAC transitioned to a new vendor.