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MBA Alumni Get More Job Offers, Higher Salaries

The latest MBA Alumni Perspectives survey showcases the rising value of graduate management education.

Employed respondents from the class of 2006 reported an average of 2.7 job offers after graduation, and 26% said they had to choose between four or more job offers—10% higher than for the class of 2005 and only two percentage points below the high reported by the class of 2000. Salaries for respondents’ first post-MBA jobs are also on the rise. Although the average annual salary rose only slightly over last year, it shows a continued upward trend.

The survey also showed that MBA alumni do not necessarily have a tendency toward job-hopping. On average, graduates of full-time programs have worked for two organizations since graduation and graduates of part-time and executive programs have worked for the same organization since graduation.

Of the 3,677 respondents to the most recent survey, more than three-quarters said that pursuing a graduate management degree was the right decision, and 81% said they could not have gotten their current job without their graduate management degrees. Graduates of all MBA programs said that managing one’s career is an area that they wish they had received additional training/education during their MBA program.

MBA students are getting more than skills and abilities from their programs. Thirty-one percent of those surveyed found their first post-MBA jobs through career services offices, and a full third found employment through their expanded network of professional contacts.

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