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Global GMAT volume improved steadily during 2005, finishing the year up 3.6% compared with 2004. Testing volume in 2005 hit 211,010, up from 203,613 the year before.


The number of tests taken in the mature U.S. testing market—which accounts for two-thirds of all GMAT® activity—was up a fraction of a percent during 2005, to 138,388. But testing volume outside the United States grew 11% during the year compared with 2004, to 72,622, after falling 10% during 2004.


GMAT volume has been on the rise around the world since May, when global testing activity shook off a negative trend and showed an increase of about half a percent.

Test registration levels, a leading indicator, are displaying a trend similar to GMAT volume. Registration volume in 2005 was 238,706 worldwide, an increase of about 5%. Registration levels were essentially flat in the United States, but surged 15% outside the U.S. market.

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