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GMAT™ Volume Shows Signs of Strength

GMAT volume outside the United States is showing a positive trend.

The number of GMAT exams being taken is not a surrogate for application volume, but the rising test volume in many countries is certainly an encouraging sign. The number of tests administered outside the mature U.S. market—48,691—is up a strong 7.8 % through September 30, 2005.

At the same time last year, non-U.S. GMAT volume was off by more than 11%. If the current trend continues, this may suggest that testing volume is finally emerging from the decline that followed the all-time highs of 2002.

U.S. testing volume also is improving. The 99,477 tests taken through the end of September 2005 in the United States is down only 1.4% compared with the same period in 2004, and it’s an improvement from nearly 4% year-over-year decline recorded through the end of September 2004.

Globally, GMAT volume also is continuing to move upward as we move into the heart of the recruiting and application cycle for 2005–2006. The 148,168 tests taken as of September 30 reflect a 1.5% increase compared with the first nine months of 2004. And last year? As of September 30, 2004, worldwide year-to-date volume was down 6.4%.

The following chart provides a four-year summary of year-to-date GMAT volume as of September 30 of each year.

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